Derry Tours

Our tours cover all major subjects of interest including, amongst others, Irish history, politics, murals, the ‘Troubles’ and Peace process, genealogy, emigration, music, sport and Christian heritage. Specialist tours for schools and colleges based on curriculum topics north and south of the border are also a speciality.

Derry Tours are available in English, French and Irish. German, Spanish, Italian and other languages can be arranged upon request. We will also be happy to assist you in designing a bespoke itinerary and can help in organising accommodation, restaurants, airport pickup/drop-off and much more through our extensive contacts within the tourism industry.

The special tours that we offer are: City Tour, Thematic Tour, Wrinkles of Ireland – Geological Tour , Armagh , Fermanagh and Language Tour .

Tours can be booked for large groups (coach and walking) and individuals (walking and private taxi tour). For prices please contact Michael at (028) 71361311 or by mobile at 07743175709. E-mail enquiries can be directed to

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