Ulster-American Folk Park/Sperrin Mountains

Do you have Irish connections? Interested in your genealogy? Then the Ulster American Folk Park tour is for you. The drive to the folk park takes us through the magnificent Sperrin mountain range, once one of Irelands greatest sources of gold. During the drive your guide will explain the various periods of emigration from the north of Ireland and the reasons behind the exodus of thousands of Irish and Scotch Irish to the New World.
We arrive at the Ulster American Folk Park, the one stop shop for emigration history for an extended visit. We then proceed to Grays Printing Press. Situated in the heart of Strabane, Gray’s looks like any other shop front. However, behind its elegant façade is the fascinating story of ink, galleys, presses and emigration, as this is where John Dunlap, printer of the American Declaration of Independence, and James Wilson, grandfather of President Woodrow Wilson, are said to have learned their trade. We then return to Derry alongside the scenic river Foyle.

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